E Sampling

E Sampling


Designed specifically for NPs and PAs, POCN’s e-sampling center offers members access to free samples for their patients. 

POCN is proud to provide NPs and PAs like you access to the latest products and therapies to best treat your patients. We believe it is important that you receive the same information – and access to pharmaceutical samples – that physicians do. That’s why POCN’s e-sampling center exists.

Sampling is one of the most commonly requested programs for advanced practice clinicians, which makes sense given that 30% of patients fill a prescription only when provided a sample. That is regardless of age, income or gender.

Interested in getting samples?

Register now to take advantage of our e-sampling program. It takes less than a minute and if completely free. Once you register, your profile page will indicate which samples are available to you today. Sample eligibility and availability changes weekly, so while you may not have any samples available at the time you register, POCN will notify you as soon as medications are ready for redemption.

Already a POCN member?

Log in to your POCN profile and review the e-sampling center tile on your profile page. If you have samples available, go ahead and redeem them for use in your practice. If you currently have no sample offers, you will be notified when your samples are available, and you will also receive instructions on how to redeem them. Our e-sampling center will connect you with participating pharmaceutical companies who will deliver the samples right to your door.