Studies predict the U.S. to be short by up to 100,000 physicians by 2030. Through a worsening physician shortage, healthcare facilities face unexpected gaps in coverage, inconsistent patient care, and damaged return on investment (ROI). As they pick up the resulting slack, existing staff experience increasing rates of professional burnout. To combat these challenges, hospitals, practices, and companies across the country are turning to locum tenens.

About Locum Tenens

What is locum tenens? Latin for “holding one’s place,” the term “locum tenens” refers to temporary short- and long-term positions at healthcare facilities. Locum tenens staffing and recruiting companies match providers seeking work and facilities in need of coverage throughout the U.S. Depending on the facility’s need, a locum tenens assignment can last a day to a year or more.

“Locum tenens” is another way to say “contract medical staffing,” meaning locum tenens providers (also known as “locums”) aren’t employees of the staffing agency or the facility at which they’re placed. Rather, they’re considered independent contractors.

Why Locum Tenens?

For advanced-practice clinicians, locum tenens presents the chance to experience greater work-life balance, escape the hospital politics of traditional full-time work, travel, build a diverse skill set, earn competitive compensation, experience nontraditional settings, and care for populations in need. Locum tenens is a lucrative career path for providers at any career stage, whether they’re a new graduate looking to test out different practice settings and locations or a more experienced provider hoping to lessen their workload before retiring completely.

For hospitals, practices, and companies, locum tenens staffing is an opportunity to maintain coverage during planned or sudden short- or long-term vacancies. Locums are staffed at a number of settings beyond hospitals, including contract research organizations, corporate clinics, correctional facilities, dental offices, in-home health and well-being services, independent medical exams, Indian Health Service facilities, insurance companies, law firms, medical spas, mobile clinics, urgent care facilities, telehealth services, and more!

How to Get Started

Locum tenens staffing and recruiting companies have teams available to guide you through each step of the process. Your recruiter will get to know what you’re looking for in a role before finding the positions you’ll be most interested in. From there, licensing, credentialing, and travel teams will ensure all paperwork, details, and accommodations are taken care of before you arrive for your first day on the job.

About Barton Associates

Barton Associates is a leading national locum tenens staffing and recruiting agency who works with facilities and medical professionals across the country. With 10 offices across Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Texas, the Barton team is equipped to find qualified providers and ideal locum tenens opportunities. As the locum tenens experts, Barton’s dedicated account managers, recruiters, and licensing, credentialing, and travel specialists are your partners through the application and onboarding processes.

No matter what specialty, practice setting, or location, locum tenens offers a number of benefits for facilities, providers, and patients alike. For those interested in learning more, Barton Associates is here to provide all the resources and guidance you need.

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