Here’s the good news: NPs and PAs can obtain samples of prescription medications as part of our e-sampling program for NPs and PAs. Register here and if you are one of the approximately 40,000 clinicians who are currently eligible to receive samples from pharmaceutical companies, we will send you a notification. If you are not currently eligible, we ask that you take our follow-up survey to identify the types of samples that you would like to receive. If there is sufficient demand among clinicians in your practice setting, we will work with pharmaceutical companies to develop a sampling program for you and your colleagues.

Sampling for NPs and PAs is ever more important given the trends in retail prescribing. In 2015, Institute IMS Health data showed that NPs and PAs wrote 17% (676 million) of all retail prescriptions versus 9% (327 million) in 2010; however, the AANP and AAPA believe that the rate could be as high as 1 billion prescriptions from NP/PA clinicians in 2015 due to underreporting. For these reasons, and because NPs and PAs often make treatment decisions in the practice setting (see Practice settings are changing for NPs and PAs. What is in store for your future? and What do NPs and PAs do TODAY?), it is important that you receive the same information—and access to pharmaceutical samples—that physicians do.